We make homes safe – quickly and cost-effectively

So here’s the thing: as qualified inspectors and builders, we noticed a downfall in our industry. Too many home buyers and sellers were wasting time and money on over-priced, unclear, home inspection reports that delayed the whole process of moving in or out of their home.
We wanted to shift this.
Homesafe Inspections is dedicated to providing you with the best professional home inspection service in Sydney and Illawarra regions, in 
a timely manner. We offer a full suite of home inspection reports that are easy to understand, independent, and cost-effective.

Your peace of mind is our top priority – it’s what sets us apart from other home inspection services. Along with our 24-hour turn-around, we charge zero additional fees if you require further clarification or explanations on your given report. 
With a dedicated team of professionals, years of experience within the industry, and a proven track record, Homesafe Inspections makes home safety simple. 

Meet Ryan

Ryan Lehmann is the head inspector and director of Homesafe Inspections. 
With over 15 years of experience in the building industry, Ryan decided to transfer his invaluable knowledge of the building industry to creating Homesafe Inspections. 
Qualified, licensed and insured, Ryan knows how important it is 
for every home-buyer to feel confident, heard, and secure when investing in a new property.

We take away the uncertainty of buying, selling
and upgrading a home.

Are you a real estate agent?

We are here to help you and your clients

Homesafe Inspections is an independent company that provides high-quality, detailed inspection reports for all our clients, including real estate agents. 
Homesafe Inspections understands the importance of professional, comprehensive, clear reports for real estate agents and their clients. 
Homesafe Inspections knows that reputation is everything. That’s why we are dedicated to strengthening the relationship you have with your clients by providing you with comprehensive, clear, detailed reports.